Friday, 21 August 2009

Sybil Grace Proud

I went in to say goodnight and she had gone. At least I thought she had. David wasn't sure, either. It's not as easy to tell as you might think. After this morning's rain, it was a very beautiful afternoon, a perfect summer's evening and now, at midnight, it's calm and still. We have a candle burning as we await the doctor. Tomorrow the storm of paperwork and phone calls begin, but tonight it is calm and quiet. Deep peace of the running wave to you, Mum. God bless.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda. I'm sorry to hear that your Mum has died. I expect you're busy right now with what you call 'the storm of paperwork and phone calls'. My Mum died a year ago yesterday. As with you and your Mum, I knew some time ahead what was to come and so was prepared. But it's still sad...
Do you know what's strange? Yesterday, I took the family to Leigh-on-Sea (just the other side of Southend Borough) and while looking in the charity shops I found a copy of your book Angels and bought it for my wife.
I've just sent a message to Ken Weavers on Facebook, asking if he has heard from you lately and then I decided to search for you on the internet and found you had an entry on Wikipedia as well as your own website and blog.
It's nice to know that some people we knew from the 60s & early 70s have made something of their lives.
Peace be with you and your family. Regards, Malcolm Wright

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Hope you remember me. We met at Rewley House 2008; I was a student in the Historical Writing residential class. Sorry to hear your mother has died. It is important to remember that it is out of love, and the desire to see people have a dignified death, that we sometimes feel as though their passing can't come to soon enough.I know; my husband had cancer and the hospital left it up to me to request his morphine when he was discomforted. I knew the morphine, not the cancer would kill him, but I hastened things as much as I was able, to give him as much dignity in dying as he had in living.
My thoughts are with you but, I have strayed far from my initial reason for contacting you.
When I attended your class, you said you would provide me with a reference to read for a Masters, which I want to do at Leicester University,if I needed one.
Are you still prepared to do this?
Please let me know if you are.
My e-mail is
Look after yourself.
Best Regards, Monica Carter